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AfricInvest Capital Partners
AfricInvest Capital Partners – West Africa
Ismail TALBI,
Plateau. 18, Avenue Docteur Crozet.
Immeuble Azur, 5th floor
01 BP 6898. Abidjan
Côte d’Ivoire
Tel. : (+225) 20 31 00 80
Cell : (+216) 26 36 32 60
Fax : ( +225) 20 21 00 45

AfricInvest is one of the leading private equity investors in Africa with over one hundred investments in different business sectors. It intervenes in the capital of leading African SMEs in their markets and has growth objectives at the regional level.
AfricInvest has made a significant contribution to the development of the companies it supports through strengthening governance, revenue growth and improved profitability.

AfricInvest has made its first investments in West Africa and in Senegal since ten years. For more information on AfricInvest please visit


Afrika Verein (Association of German-African Companies)
Patrik REUTER, Regional Director for West and Central Africa
Tel. : (+49) 40 41 91 33-0
Fax : (+49) 40 35 47 04


Afrika-Verein is the employers' association of German enterprises and companies investing in or potentially interested in investing in Africa.


The association provides its members with a wide range of services, up-to-date information on the economy and political development in Africa as well as individual contacts with African partners.


Investment Promotion Agency and Major Works (APIX)
52-54, rue Mohamed V
BP 430 CP 18524 Dakar RP
Tel. : (+221) 33 849 05 55
Fax : (+221) 33 823 94 89


It is an executing agency on behalf of the promoters, administrative formalities relating to the creation or the extension of the companies.


See also: "The different forms of commercial companies"


Hospital of the Order of Malta (CHOM)

Richard Pau, Director

BP 11023 – CD Annexe – Dakar

Tel : (+221) 77 332 87 05


Order of Malta in Senegal c/o COTOA, km 2,5 – boulevard CCD – Dakar

The CHOM has a specialized staff, an operating theatre with European standards, equipment that is regularly modernized and renewed, as well as adapted infrastructures. It can thus fulfil its missions now extended to the following sectors:

  • Orthopaedic and reconstructive surgery,
  • Functional Rehabilitation (Physiotherapy)
  • Orthopaedic shoe-making
  • Radiology
  • Analytical laboratory
  • Dermatological consultations and screening for new cases of leprosy
  • Advanced Strategy: Consultations in the most remote areas
  • Teaching and training of practitioners and health professionals specialized in the areas of intervention of the institution (surgery, screening and treatment of leprosy and shoemaking)

African Centre for Higher Studies in Management (CESAG)
Boulevard du Général de Gaulle
BP 3802 Dakar
Tel. : (+221) 33 839 73 60
Fax : (+221) 33 821 32 15

CESAG training courses are aimed directly at African companies, administrations, institutions and organizations, or working in Africa. The teaching at the international standard of higher education offers the additional advantage of a better integration of the socio-professional realities of the continent.


In March 2012, CESAG organized the dissemination workshop of the results of the university governance study and improvement of the business environment in the UEMOA zone.


Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Dakar (CCIAD)
1, place de l’Indépendance
Tel. : (+221) 33 823 71 89
Fax : (+221) 33 823 93 63

The CCIAD is a public institution of a professional nature. Privileged interface between the public authorities and the private sector, it plays a pivotal role in the Senegalese economy. The CCIAD represents all the economic operators of the Dakar Region and defends the general interests of industrial, commercial and agricultural companies.


Economic Information Bulletin (BIE) of the CCIAD


5, rue Saint Germain L’Auxerrois
75 001 PARIS
Tel. : (+33) 1 40 26 76 50
Fax : (+33) 1 40 26 75 60

DEMETER CLUB is an association created in 1987 at the initiative of business leaders and professional managers of agricultural and agri-food sectors. It is a place for prospective reflections, exchanges, debates and proposals to anticipate and prepare for future changes. It brings together some fifty French companies among the main actors in the country's agriculture.


Confederation of Enterprises and Industry of Madrid (CEIM)
Jesus MARTIN SANZ, President of the International Affairs Committee
Jesus RODRIGUEZ, Department of International Relations
Diego de Leon 50
28006 Madrid
Tel. : (+34) 91 411 53 17
Fax : (+34) 91 562 75 37

CEIM, the Confederation of Enterprises of Madrid and Industry is composed of different departments of council, information and support to entrepreneurs in Madrid in the fields of employment, economy, education, innovation, urban planning, international relations and communication.


French Council of Investors in Africa (CIAN)
Alix CAMUS, Deputy Secretary General
45, rue de la Chaussée d’Antin
75009 Paris
Tel. : (+33) 1 45 62 55 76
Fax : (+33) 1 42 56 79 33

The CIAN, an association under the 1901 law, is a private French employers' organization that brings together industrial and service companies invested in Africa. Its members achieve a turnover of 40 billion euros, or 75% of French activity in Africa. The CIAN is founded to promote and defend their interests in Africa.


French Foreign Trade Advisers (CCEF) Senegalese section
Rue Félix Eboué - BP 3251
President: Bruno PARET

The CCEF takes on monitoring of he "sensitive files" of foreign trade. At the heart of international markets and experts in their field, they pass on their information, opinions and recommendations to the public authorities to guide their decisions. In partnership with the main actor institutions of French foreign trade, the CCEF organize, in France and in the world, symposiums, seminars and regional symposia. Finally, they contribute to youth employment and the promotion of SMEs.


National Council of the Employers of Senegal (CNP)
7, Rue Jean Mermoz
BP : 3537 Dakar
Tel. : (+221) 33 889 65 65
Fax : (+221) 33 822 28 42


General Directorate of Customs/MEF- Ministry of the Economy and Finance
8-10, allées Robert Delmas
BP 4033 Dakar
Tel. : (+221) 33 889 74 74/01/02
Fax : (+221) 33 821 44 84


EUNIC Senegal
Michael JEISMANN, Head of Mission, EUNIC Senegal

The EUNIC network brings together the Member States of the European Union bodies responsible for cultural action abroad. In June 2011, the cultural institutes and services of the European embassies present in Senegal were the first EUNIC group in French-speaking sub-Saharan Africa. In September 2011, CIES attended the European Day of Languages. Professionals in language teaching from European cultural institutions and the Senegalese education system have participated extensively.


Various topics on training ("languages and 38 jobs") as well as on professionalization ("languages and promotion within companies") were discussed.


1, Allées Thierno Seydou Nourou TALL Rue 9 X F Point E, Immeuble Sophie MBAYE 4th and 5th flood, BP 6856 - Dakar – Senegal

Tel. : (+221) 33 859 39 99
Fax : (+221) 33 824 17 24

Fruit of a successful partnership between the public sector and the private sector, GIE GAINDE 2000 is a young company, created in 2002 and whose mission is to "Advise, Develop and Operate dematerialized solutions for the efficiency of the public processes.

As a software publisher, a platform operator and an integrator of IT solutions, GAINDE 2000 supports Senegal's customs administration for greater efficiency, particularly with the implementation of an ORBUS the single delivery "window" (dematerialization of foreign trade formalities). The GIE also supports the public administrations for the dematerialization of their administrative procedures.

Committed to the modernization of Senegal's business environment, GAINDE 2000 obtained in March 2014 an ISO 9001 version 2008 certification covering the following products and services:

  • Dematerialization of the administrative formalities;
  • Management of the information systems of the operation; Management of the business’ information systems
  • Support to change management.
At the international level, GAINDE 2000 is recognized as a pioneer in the integration of trade facilitation solutions, particularly in Africa, with a view to fostering smoother business relations on the continent. These efforts led, among other things, to the creation of the African Alliance for Electronic Commerce (AACE) which brings together operators of single delivery <window> and countries that intend to take the dematerialization train on the move.

GAINDE 2000 is surrounded by a network of partners which increases its field of competences, extens its capacity of intervention and consolidates its development.


INNODEV/IRD (Research Institute for Development)
Dr Cheikh Mouhamed Fadel KEBE, Representative of INNODEV
University, Polytechnic School Cheikh Anta DIOP
15830 Fann Dakar
Tel. : (+221) 33 864 74 70

Yann CASTANIER, Responsible for communication and enhancement of scientific research at the IRD in Senegal
Tel. : (+221) 77 103 57 12

Yves DUVAL, Representative of IRD in Senegal
Tel. : (+221) 33 849 83 32

Research and higher education can contribute to the creation of high value-added businesses. It is in this context that the Senegalese higher education and research institutions, the IRD and the French cooperation created the INNODEV Incubator dedicated to the creation of innovative companies in Senegal. In June 2012, CIES participated in the first "Business Forum" organized by INNODEV to establish a dialogue between future entrepreneurs and experienced entrepreneurs with the aim of bringing the economic world closer to research.

The French Lycée Jean Mermoz (LFJM) – (“Carrefour des métiers”) the crossroads of jobs opportunities
Avenue Cheikh Anta Diop
BP 3222
Tel. : (+221) 338 60 45 33
Fax : (+221) 338 20 37 75

In February 2014, CIES participated in the (“Carrefour des métiers”) the crossroad for jobs, a meeting between the CIES members and the French Lycée Jean Mermoz so that experienced and recognized professionals can accompany students on the path of post-graduate orientation.


MEDEF International - Mouvement of French Enterprises International
MEDEF International brings together French companies of all sizes and from all sectors, competent and voluntary to succeed abroad. It is a global network serving the development of French companies in emerging and developing markets.

55, avenue Bosquet
75330 Paris Cedex 07
9, avenue Frédéric le Play
Tel. : (+33) 1 53 59 16 16
Fax : (+33) 1 45 55 06 73


French Office of Immigration and Integration (OFII)
Dominique MENSAH, Head of Mission
111, rue Joseph Gomis
BP 4114 Dakar
Tel. : (+221) 33 821 08 42

Then French Office of Immigration and Integration (OFII) is the operator of the French State in charge of legal immigration.
In Senegal, the OFII offers companies Human Resources management systems allowing professionalizing the teams, including in new jobs, under tension or in shortage of manpower.


That is how; several employers in Senegal have formed "skills-building" partnerships with employers in France, promoting career development and social dialogue within their company.


Corporate Social Responsibility Senegal (RSE Senegal)
Philippe BARRY - President RSE Senegal
Gibraltar 2, villa 355
BP 6460 Dakar
Tel. : (+ 221) 77 634 27 09 / 33 822 81 61

With the development of world trade and the emergence of markets in West African countries, it is important for economic actors in Senegal to reflect on a new profile of companies, management and investors on the one hand, to sustainably protect our markets, our consumers and the populations and, on the other hand, to contribute more effectively to the dynamic of accelerated growth and the sustainable development of our economies.


UBIFRANCE in Senegal
Julien GIRAUD, French Embassy in Senegal
1, rue El Hadji Amadou Assane Ndoye
Tel. : +221 33 839 53 72

UBIFRANCE is the French Agency for international business development. It accompanies French companies in their export career, from orientation on foreign markets to the realization of business and the establishment in the field. It relies on a network of selected partners to offer them a strat-to-end service.

In 2013, UBIFRANCE, Bpifrance and Coface have regrouped under the name Bpifrance Export to bring together a consistent support to companies, grouping the prospection of international markets, the financing and the security of their projects abroad.


Février et Mars 2021 à l'EUROCHAM

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Revue EUROCHAM 2020-2021

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28 mai - Commission PME

La commission PME s’est réunie en Visio le 28 mai pour assurer l’accompagnement de nos membres en cette période de crise.

Les sujets abordés ont permis de lancer les réflexions autour de l’avenir de nos secteurs d’activités avec la mise en place d’outils de communication et de partage d’expériences pour une meilleure solidarité au sein de l’EUROCHAM.


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30% of national GDP

36 000

36.000 Senegalese employees


23 years of existence


Agriculture and Agri-Food Sector

17% of the member companies