Becoming a member

The membership conditions are as follows:


  • Being a European majority capital company
  • Complete the membership form
  • Obtain the sponsorship of two CIES members (complete the sponsorship form)
  • To have the vote of acceptance of the members of the CIES office
  • Pay the entrance fees and the annual fee


In order to submit the membership application to the CIES’ Governing body, documents demonstrating the nature of the legal structure of the company in Senegal must be provided. These are: the RCS (Commerce Register in Senegal), NINEA (National Identification Number of Companies and Associations) as well as pages 5 to 7 of the SYSCOA tax package that correspond to the FIRD, the Information Sheet and Miscellaneous information.

The entrance fee and the annual subscription amount to CFA 200,000 respectively. For any membership starting from July of the current year, the amount of the contribution will be CFA 100,000 (50%).

For all new members, it is also necessary to provide a description of the company in Word or html format, as well as the company logo in electronic version of good quality.

As of September 1, 2017, CIES had 150 members. One-third of them are subsidiaries of major European groups and two-thirds are small or medium-sized enterprises and industries (SMEs / SMIs) with predominantly European capital.


Download a brief presentation of the association.




Soutien de l'UE au Secteur privé au Sénégal : regards croisés entre S.E. Vitor Sereno et José Mendes

José Ferreira Mendes, DG de Dakarnave, Vice-président de EUROCHAM SN et réfèrent avec Ketty Regis sur la Task force, a participé à la fête de l’Europe à travers un entretien croisé avec l’ambassadeur du Portugal, Vitor Sereno.

S.E. Vitor Sereno a souligné l’importance de cette formation innovante de partenariat entre le monde diplomatique et le secteur privé.

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Nous fermons nos bureaux à partir de ce jour pour une période indeterminée. Nous nous mettons en télétravail.

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19/03/2020 Communiqué de presse EUROCHAM SN

Coronavirus Covid 19

 Mesures d’urgence et de soutien au secteur privée européen au Sénégal


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30% of national GDP

36 000

36.000 Senegalese employees


23 years of existence


Agriculture and Agri-Food Sector

17% of the member companies